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Abigail Endsley

Course Codes 101: A Beginner's Guide to Course Codes and Transfer Credit

Transfer credit can be an efficient way to save thousands on college... as long as you know those courses will transfer. But how do you know which courses will transfer before taking them? The answer: college course codes.

How to Transfer Community College Credits to University

40% community college students lose most of their credit upon transfer, but you don’t have to be one of them. This post teaches you the steps you can take to ensure your community college credit transfers safely to your bachelor’s degree.

What Every College Dropout Should Know

We all know college isn’t necessarily right for everyone. But before you trade your walk across the stage for a walk out the door, here are four things every college dropout should know.

How Many Credits Do I Need for a Bachelor's Degree?

If you’re considering college, it’s important to know how the system works, especially if you’re hoping to transfer colleges at any point. That all starts with knowing how bachelor’s degrees are structured.

College ROI Calculator: How to Determine Your Degree’s Return on Investment

Are you looking for a college return on investment calculator? Learn more about how to calculate a degree's ROI, and how to save money on college costs.

How to Transfer College Credit in 5 Steps

Do you have questions about how to transfer colleges? For example, can you choose which credits to transfer? Read more about how college credit transfer works.

6 Ways to Pay for College Without Student Loans

Are you researching how to pay for college without loans? Discover six proven strategies you can use to pay for college without taking on student loan debt.

4 Hacks to Make College Cheaper

Getting a college degree can be expensive, but there are several ways to avoid overspending on your education. Learn more about how to make college cheaper.

How Does Financial Aid Work?

How does financial aid work? What if FAFSA? What does "aid" even mean? In this post, one of our very own Admissions Counselors answers these questions and demystifies the term "financial aid" once and for all.

Should I Go to College?

College is important. Especially in today’s society, with so many jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree as a minimum bar to entry. But is it important for you? This can be a challenging question to answer...

How Does College Work?

At Accelerated Pathways, we hear a lot of questions about how college works. So, we've gathered every blog post that can help answer this question.

When It's Okay to Break the Rules

Being different isn't easy. But following the world's dictates without proper thought will just hold you back. It's okay to "break the rules" as long as you do so wisely.

3 Questions to Ask Before Graduating High School Early

Graduating high school early is a realistic goal, especially if you’re homeschooled. But you still need to be careful. To give yourself the best chance at post-high school success, ask yourself these questions.

How to Make Friends as an Online College Student

If you’re an online college student—or considering becoming one—here are 10 ways to ensure your college experience is just as socially enriching as anything you could expect from a campus.

DSST for Dummies

DSSTs can be a great way to get affordable college credit. But if you’re not careful, all your studying can go to waste. Let’s talk about the best way to make DSST part of your college experience.

How Do Scholarships Work?

Everything you need to know about scholarships, how to get them, and whether you even need to earn one in the first place.

“Teaching is Impossible,” According to Revolutionary Psychotherapist

In the 1950’s a well-known psychotherapist shocked educators with his approach to student-centered learning.

Student Loan Debt: The Realities, The Consequences, and How It Will Affect You

We say it a lot—college shouldn’t be a debt sentence. But why? Is taking out student loans always a bad idea? We want to help you answer that question yourself by taking a closer look at the realities of student loan debt.

How to Prepare Your Student for College and Life, According to Veteran Homeschool Moms

“My child will never make it to college and it will be all my fault!” Ever felt that way? Check out what these five homeschool moms did to prepare their student for college.

The Best Way for Homeschoolers to Prepare for Grad School

Before you spend your high school years stressing yourself out by attempting to perfectly arrange the next 8 years of your academic life, let me offer you a little advice.

The BIG Problem With California College (And What You Can Do About It)

Why are the acceptance rates for dozens of completely average colleges across California plummeting, with less than half of applicants finding a spot? I have one word for you: impaction.

68 Ways to Save Money in College

Don’t want to be broke in college? We’ve got your back. Here are 68 ways to save money.

How I Got a Job from One Conversation

One conversation was all it took for me to get a job. But it's because of these four reasons that I was ready when the time came...