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Accelerated Pathways is a non-traditional, online college experience that gives you the freedom to earn your bachelor’s degree your way.

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I did my degree in 2 years, 2 months, and 18 days. While earning my degree, I was able to graduate high school (officially), and travel all over the world...
Peyton Holliday,  Accelerated Pathways Student

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Our advisors help you customize your college experience. Choose your learning style, choose your pace, and study from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

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I have just four classes left and already have job opportunities thanks to the flexible schedule allowed by this program. It was hard work, for sure, but I'm so glad I found Accelerated Pathways!
Brianna Stansfield,  Accelerated Pathways Student

No Loans Required1

Our high-quality college courses are 36% less expensive than the national average. And with the freedom to pay as you go, there’s simply no need for student loans.

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Accelerated Pathways has allowed me to pursue my dreams and helped me reach my goal of competing for Team Canada internationally. I can honestly say I don't know if this would have been possible if I had been in a classroom.
Caitlin Campbell,  Accelerated Pathways Student

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Accelerated Pathways will boost the value of your tuition assistance policy without costing you any extra. Our world-class advisors and affordable, online courses make Accelerated Pathways the #1 way to empower your employees to achieve their professional goals.

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1. Accelerated Pathways’ goal is to give you the ability to pay for college without loans. Accelerated Pathways does not help you with any existing debt and is not responsible if you decide to take out loans in the future.