If knowledge is power, then Pearson Accelerated Pathways is the most powerful education benefit program available today.

Accelerated Pathways allows employers to offer education as a benefit ― creating genuine loyalty, upgrading staff quality and dramatically increasing retention. And for employees, the program provides the opportunity to achieve great things ― affordably.

Give your employees more than a job.
Give them a future.

Graduate your business to a higher level.

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Why Tuition Assistance?

Give your employees more than a job.
Give them a future.

Education is priceless. And with Pearson Accelerated Pathways, now it’s affordable. After a simple implementation, you can start offering education as a workplace benefit. We manage everything. You and your employees reap every reward.

Desire to Learn


of workers know they need to go back to school

Cost of Education


say tuition is a barrier

Brilliant Results


ROI for every dollar spent on education benefit programs

The numbers tell the story—but not the whole story. Because nothing speaks volumes like a smile on the face of a new graduate. Renewed. Motivated. Qualified. And working with you.

Why Pearson?

Education is our foundation.

Established in 1844, no one carries the history, expertise and passion for education like we do at Pearson.

And with Pearson Accelerated Pathways, that experience and reputation transfers to you. It integrates seamlessly into your business and can instantly make a positive impact on your bottom line and the lives of your employees.

Why Pearson Accelerated Pathways?

  • Seamless integration into existing business structure
  • Personal, expert advisors assigned to your employees
  • Established relationships with renowned universities and colleges
  • Over a century of success in education and business
  • Offering five degree/certification programs (GED, AA, BA, Graduate, Certifications)

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Our Program

Every student has a story. Every company has a cause.


At Pearson Accelerated Pathways, our education benefit program isn’t really ours. It’s yours—customized to the unique needs of your workforce. You can give it all to us, or just plug-and-play the pieces you need. Plus, we give your employees one-on-one support as they progress on their path.