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Shelbie Williams

The Economics of a College Degree

We're all told that a college degree is the only way to get ahead, but have you done the math? What if after 10 years, your college degree leaves you more in debt than if you went straight into the workforce? It's a scary thought but we're here to help explain your options and some solutions.

A Student's Guide to Get and Stay Organized this Year

If you’re one of the thousands of people who resolved to get organized this year, you might feel like the mythological Sisyphus and his boulder that never quite made it up the hill. Don’t give up yet! It’s time to give your goals a boost and remember exactly how much organization can benefit your life.

Is College Right for Me?

If you have a few college credits to your name, but you never finished your degree, you’re not alone. In fact, 37 million Americans have had the same experience. If you are starting to wonder if you should go back, we can help. We spoke with two of our Admissions Counselors to compile this list of four questions you should ask yourself.

Maintaining Your Sanity While Studying at Home

Even before the days of shutdowns and quarantines, studying from home offered quite a few perks—it's convenient, it’s free, you can squeeze in a few minutes here and there...but at some point, nearly everyone starts to go a little crazy from distractions, stress, procrastination, unhelpful habits, or just sheer boredom with the never-changing scenery. Thankfully, there are many strategies to minimize the negative effects of staying in.

7 Organization Tips for Students This Tax Season

While April 15th isn’t a party for anyone, there a few things busy students can do to make paying income tax less stressful, whether you file your own or take your documents to an accountant.

FAQ: Paying Taxes as an Online Student

Have you been wondering how this income tax season might impact you as an online student? We get a lot of questions from our Accelerated Pathways students and we thought we’d share some of the most frequently asked questions in order to help all online students during tax season.

Speed Degree: Benefits of Finishing College Fast

Over half of people pursuing a bachelor's degree for the first time take longer than the standard four years to graduate. But, there are ways to shorten the college experience.

How to Find Online Classes While You’re Social Distancing

Here’s how you can avoid falling behind by finding the perfect online college class to take during your time social distancing.

13 Free Electives for Your Dream Degree

Discover 13 options that might do more for your degree than you think.

Dual Credit Horror Stories: Don't Make These 4 Mistakes

Dual credit doesn’t have to be a game of roulette. Here are the 4 most common mistakes parents and students make when pursuing dual credit.

5 Reasons You Should Take an Online Course This Summer

Before you ditch your laptop and study notes for sunglasses and suitcases, hold on a sec. You might want to pull the desk back out of storage and get started on an online class this summer, and here are 5 great reasons why...

Does My Teen Have a Learning Disability?

Is your teen getting more and more lost in high school? Believe it or not, a learning disorder could be the culprit.

What Level of Education Do I Need?

So, how are you to know what level of education you need? Is a high school diploma enough? Is the master’s degree really the new bachelor’s? Do you need a Ph.D. in order to be taken seriously in your field? Let’s figure it out.

What You Should Know If You're Considering an Accounting Degree

As an artistic book worm, I was an unlikely accountant for sure. However, by pursuing this most unlikely degree choice, I discovered accountants are more than stern, semi-monastic gurus of great financial mysteries. They're organizers on steroids.

Why Your Bachelor's Degree Won't Get You a Job

Are you hoping college will land you your dream job? Think again. Getting a bachelor’s degree is great, but it might not be quite as “useful” as you were hoping...