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Wyatt Dalton

English Majors, listen up! Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Degree.

Thinking of getting an English degree? Here’s what you’ll need to know to get the most out of your education.

What is STEM?

I’m sure you’ve heard how important STEM is. But do you even know what STEM is? Or why it’s important? Or if it’s right for you? This post will help you answer those questions.

9 of the Best Dual Credit Options for Homeschoolers

Want your student to start taking dual credit, but don’t know where to start? Here’s everything you need to know about 9 of the best dual credit options for homeschoolers.

What Should I Major In? The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Your College Degree

What should I major in? Use this guide to choose a major by salary or job outlook, find the right degree program for you, and start building a rewarding career.

9 Business Ideas for College Students

Starting a business in college isn’t easy. But if you’re willing to work hard and make sacrifices, it is possible. Here are 9 ways for a college student, like yourself, to start their entrepreneurial journey while still in college.

14 Reasons Not to Take Out Student Loans for College

It’s okay to take on a little debt in order to receive greater returns down the road… right? Before you decide to pull the trigger, here are 14 things you should know about taking out a student loan.

Is Your Homeschool Transcript Missing These Critical Items?

In many ways, your child’s future depends on what their high school transcript shows. If you want to give your child their best chance of getting into their dream college, you need to do everything you can to help them stand out.

Why I Walked Away From College... And Why I Went Back

Going to college was never a part of my plan. But if I hadn’t been in the Accelerated Pathways program, if I hadn’t had a coach who believed in me, I wouldn’t have grown into the person I am today.

How Student Loan Debt Ruins Your Life

While you may think getting your degree—no matter what it takes—will set you ahead, student loan debt might actually end up being the ball-and-chain you carry around your neck for decades.

Is College The Best Way to Get an Education?

Everyone knows that going to college is simply the best way to set yourself up for success down the road. Or is it? In this post, we delve into this question.