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Preparing Students for College: How Parents Can Help Their Kids Understand Education Options

High school graduation season is still a month or two away, but when it comes to researching college options for your child, it's never too soon to start.

Student Story: Pursuing Work, Family, and College

Kaylan is a married, working mom of a 3-year-old holding down two jobs. I think it’s fair to say she’s pretty busy. However, despite her hectic schedule, Kaylan has managed to squeeze one more priority into her life: college. Kaylan is pursuing her college degree through Pearson Accelerated Pathways.

Student Story: Rebekah Pursued Dance and Got Her Degree

Accelerated Pathways gives students the freedom to pursue their passions while pursuing their degree. Rebekah is proof of that. A ballerina, she decided to use our online courses to pursue college while dancing with the Atlanta Center for Ballet Education. This is her story.

Cheyenne Got a Head Start on College with Dual Credit

As a homeschooler, Cheyenne was used to self-paced learning and defining her own areas of interest. So it was no surprise that Pearson Accelerated Pathways worked well for their family and allowed Cheyenne to get ahead in college during her high school years.