Curated strategic academic partnerships with less out-of-pocket company dollars

Corporations traditionally focus learning investment on internally provided (or funded) training and tuition assistance for pursuing college degrees. We believe that when it comes to frontline worker development, organizations should adopt a wider framework to encompass the needs of frontline workers.

Our framework recognizes the crucial role of academic advising, career advising and success coaching is emphasized. This counseling informs and guides employees about potential educational pathways, their connections to career paths and the requirements to enroll.

These services are absent in most tuition assistance programs, which are usually structured to support those who’ve already received their first degree. But they are indispensable for frontline workers, who are often the first in their family to pursue a degree, may lack traditional support systems, and can’t easily access the guidance available to most skilled employees.

  • Fully-funded debt-free* degree for employees through employer contributions and Pearson academic partnerships
  • Employee outreach and marketing showcase the benefit in community, driving recruitment and participation rates higher than traditional EAP
  • 100% online; aligned to needs of working adults
  • Credits transferrable to many four-year schools
  • Flexibility through frequent semester starts
  • Curated pathways have relevant electives to career objectives
  • One-on-one support for employees for entire process
  • Curated network of regionally accredited schools
  • Expanding degree concentrations and school partner network
  • Increased access, participation and persistence lead to higher completion rates and the increased ability to attain career development and growth goals
  • Cost savings for organizations through reduced turnover