Learning that Leads to Earning

Our Program

Pearson Accelerated Pathways helps market and promote your newly designed educational benefits program; recruit, maintain, support and grow your top talent to add to an organization’s profitability – and in a big way.

We are human capital management consultants—gearing education benefits toward workforce development. And we do it at little to no cost to you by maximizing tuition assistance dollars, which if leveraged in the right ways, can work to dramatically improve recruitment and retention.

You set the course.

Pearson assists companies in the design and implement of educational benefits that meet the needs of its unique workforce. If you desire to completely outsource the program administration and oversight, or simply require new plug-and-play strategies, we will work with you to implement and administer the right program for your population, focused on the specific needs, pathways and successful attainment strategies for your employees.


Providing low cost educational programs to frontline workers is attractive. From the start, we work on your behalf with our network of academic partners to maximize the return on your education benefit program. This includes low tuition rates and customized program offerings to meet both your talent development needs and employee interests. This means, in some cases, your employees can pursue their educational goals without taking on debt.

Highlighting Our Programs:

  • 100% online degree programs aligned to the needs of working adults
  • A supportive, encouraging environment for learning, especially for those with greater foundational education needs
  • Flexibility through frequent semester starts and year-round access to many of our online, mobile-ready programs and platforms
  • One-on-one support and encouragement for employees throughout their educational journey in a Pearson program
  • Bilingual advisors for non-English speakers
  • Leveraging Pearson for better learning outcomes, thought leadership and portfolio of services
  • Credits transferable to many four-year schools
  • Prior learning assessments for college credit, conducted for workforce training delivered by you
  • Mobile-first foundational education delivery for those learners who are the hardest to reach

From foundations to futures.

Pearson Accelerated Pathways include GED, AA, BA, graduate degrees and certifications.

  • GEDWorks

    Designed for working adults looking to take their first step back onto the pathway of educational attainment, the program delivers a full set of tools that employees need to prepare and pass the GED Test. Leading companies such as Wal-Mart, Taco Bell, KFC and Southeastern Grocers have made GEDWorks (an innovative program from GED Testing Service, a joint venture between the ACE and Pearson), the cornerstone of their investments in frontline workforces.

  • Debt-Free Associates Degrees

    Pearson’s Accelerated Pathways Associate’s Degree brings together employer tuition assistance benefits and a network of regionally accredited college partners to deliver high-quality Associate’s Degrees. This program helps our customers’ employees overcome barriers to entry with future skills development by avoiding the personal debt and other work/life trade-offs that can hinder successful outcomes.

  • Low-Cost Bachelor’s Degrees

    Many frontline workers are on their way to earning a degree. We work with employers to leverage their existing tuition assistance programs, resulting in a lower-cost education for the employee. Over 31 million Americans have earned college credit, but have not completed a Bachelor’s Degree program due to financial concerns. Pearson Accelerated Pathways’ low cost Bachelor’s Degree program is delivered through a select number of academic partners that focus on degree completion for the working adult learner and leverages academic advising services, generous acceptance of previously earned credits, prior learning assessment and a managed cost of instruction to lower the overall cost of attaining a college degree.

  • Self-Paced, Ace Accredited Learning

    For organizations who do not have a tuition assistance program, but have learners who want to build on previous earned credits to maximize the number of credits they can transfer into an institution or to get back into the process of learning, Pearson’s Propero courses provide a self-paced approach to learning that carry the credit recommendation of the American Council on Education (ACE).Our academic advisors work with learners taking Pearson Propero courses to Ensure the learning is relevant to career goals/objectives, Select courses that will add to credits they have already earned, Validate learners will receive credits for their Pearson Propero coursework.

    Each of the more than 40 college-level, general education, and introductory courses includes: online course material; eTextbook; interactive lesson presentations; audio-to-go podcasts; personal student success coach; 10 hours of live, on-demand tutoring (for most courses); personalized study guides; user-specific pacing charts; audio/video components; and interactive “Check Your Understanding” exercises/quizzes.

  • Preferred Partner Network

    With our preferred partner network, we take the guesswork out of selecting the right partners and the right degree programs for your organization.  We will design a partner network that meets the needs of your organization, both for today and for the future. Pearson currently has deep partnerships with more than 300 leading academic institutions, such as Arizona State University Online, Northeastern, Rutgers, and others to deliver fully online Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

  • Full Open Choice Program

    Education is often a local decision, and many organizations choose to provide employees complete and open choice in how to leverage educational assistance benefits. Pearson can be your partner, managing and administering such a program, while still leveraging a range of strategies (debt free, low cost, self-paced) for specific workforces. Our goal is not to be an “either-or” strategy. We can complement and add to a targeted strategy to drive engagement, retention and skill attainments for the parts of your workforce that would most benefit from these strategies.

  • Value Added Services

    We can work with your existing management resources to ensure the strategies we are delivering work in your existing processes, or we can manage the entire program for you. While many our value-added services are embedded in our offerings, we can also offer them as discrete, a la carte services, including: Program Management, Academic Advising, Tuition Reimbursement Management, Program Consulting, Education Attainment Survey.