Is College The Best Way to Get an Education?

Everyone knows that going to college is simply the best way to set yourself up for success down the road. Or is it? In this post, we delve into this question.

What Every Marketing Major Should Know

I know deciding whether to get a marketing degree or self-teach feels like a huge, scary, life-defining choice with no going back. But that’s not true. Truth is… you might want to do both.

How to Transfer Community College Credits to University

40% community college students lose most of their credit upon transfer, but you don’t have to be one of them. This post teaches you the steps you can take to ensure your community college credit transfers safely to your bachelor’s degree.

How Student Loan Debt Ruins Your Life

While you may think getting your degree—no matter what it takes—will set you ahead, student loan debt might actually end up being the ball-and-chain you carry around your neck for decades.

What Is A 529 Plan (And Should I Have One)?

What is a 529 savings plan? How does it differ from a prepaid tuition plan? Are these things you should have? And if you do have one, what can you do with it? In this post, we answer all these questions and more.

The Best Way for Homeschoolers to Prepare for Grad School

Before you spend your high school years stressing yourself out by attempting to perfectly arrange the next 8 years of your academic life, let me offer you a little advice.

What Should I Major In? The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Your College Degree

What should I major in? Use this guide to choose a major by salary or job outlook, find the right degree program for you, and start building a rewarding career.

What You Should Know About Organizational Leadership

Leadership in its simplest form is beneficial, proactive influence. Even if you’re an entry-level employee at a coffee shop, movie theater, or fast casual restaurant, you can take the initiative and show leadership.

What is STEM?

I’m sure you’ve heard how important STEM is. But do you even know what STEM is? Or why it’s important? Or if it’s right for you? This post will help you answer those questions.

Should I Get a Music Degree?

Like any artistic endeavor, music isn’t a surefire way to secure a comfortable job with status and money to spare. You’re often going to be working twice as hard for half as much. Will a music degree give you the extra edge you need?

What You Should Know If You're Considering an Accounting Degree

As an artistic book worm, I was an unlikely accountant for sure. However, by pursuing this most unlikely degree choice, I discovered accountants are more than stern, semi-monastic gurus of great financial mysteries. They're organizers on steroids.

The BIG Problem With California College (And What You Can Do About It)

Why are the acceptance rates for dozens of completely average colleges across California plummeting, with less than half of applicants finding a spot? I have one word for you: impaction.

68 Ways to Save Money in College

Don’t want to be broke in college? We’ve got your back. Here are 68 ways to save money.

Why Your College Major Doesn't Matter

Is trying to pick a major stressing you out? Put down the pros and cons list and stop Googling every emphasis, minor, and elective you find. Here’s why your college major doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

6 Ways to Rethink the College Experience

Do you really need an amazing campus, flashy sports teams, and all-nighters to complete the college experience? Here are 6 ways you can craft your own perfect college experience, no matter where you go to college.