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Mariel Moore

6 Tips for Back-to-School Success from an Academic Success Coach

I sat down with our Success Coach Manager to chat about trends he’s seeing with students. When so much is in flux, like it has been with the pandemic, it can be difficult for students to buckle down and do what needs to be done for their education. The good news is that he has some excellent tips to help students get back on track.

Exploring College Options: Tips & Resources for Choosing Your College Experience

Are you exploring your college options and trying to decide between in-person and online learning? Learn more about how to choose your college experience.

College with a Disability or Chronic Condition

Going to college when you deal with a chronic medical issue or other disability is stressful for many students. For students with underlying health issues, college during the COVID-19 pandemic is even more fraught. Learn tips to navigate college and keep yourself healthy in this post.

Taking a Covid Gap Year? Don't Fall Too Far Behind

As many schools moved to fully-remote learning last year, students saw their dreams of the college experience disintegrate. Get tips to successfully accomplish your goals while away from school.

How to Adopt a Mindset of Continuous Learning

Upskilling, continuing education, and other forms of lifelong learning are so important. With the way technology is advancing, you can’t graduate high school or college and expect to stay current on everything you need to know for your future career. Learn how to adopt a mindset of continuous learning with this post.

5 Ways to Get Ahead While Waitlisted for College

Are you on a college waitlist? We’ve compiled some tips to help you get ahead while you wait and reframe your mindset around your higher education decisions.

The Waitlist Dilemma: Part 1

20% of students this past spring reported they had been waitlisted. So, why are some schools struggling to fill classes?

When and How to Declare Your Major

Moving from high school to college can be intimidating, even if you’ve built up your college credit through dual enrollment or AP courses, deciding to declare your major can still invoke anxiety in many college students. The good news is that most students entering college or early in their college careers have time to figure out a major.

Online College is More Important than Ever

Drastic shifts in college enrollment are driving more students online. But, what does a good online college experience look like?

The Most Versatile Degrees for Students Who Want Freedom

Learn more about how some of the most versatile degrees that you can pursue in an online college program can prepare you for a variety of future career paths.

Trends in Education: Fast Forward with Dual Enrollment

Louisiana recently announced a new program aimed to help students take full advantage of their high school years, specifically their senior year through dual enrollment. This program aims to fast forward students who might not otherwise pursue higher education.

How to Afford College

Are you wondering how to afford college? Read more about the benefits of setting a budget, establishing a savings account, and taking college classes online.

What is college accreditation?

If you’ve been doing any research into college, you may have heard how important it is to get a degree from an accredited academic institution. And, if you haven’t heard it, you need to hear it! Going to an accredited college is super important!

Online Degree vs. Traditional Degree: Which is Right For You?

If you're interested in finding a flexible, less expensive alternative to traditional college, explore the benefits of an online degree vs. traditional degree.

Start, or Restart Your Education in 2021

Last year was hard. In 2020 we saw students all over the country struggle to balance life, work, money and academics. That's why, this January, we're offering a special promotion for new or returning students.