Is College Worth the Cost?

College is expensive, but does the cost pay off? We decided to look at three possible options: 1. Going to college on loans; 2. Skipping college altogether; 3. Working while taking online courses. How much would each of these choices actually cost you? Check out what we found!

Why Employers Should Promote from Within

Employees who don’t see a clear progression from their current role to a better position ultimately turn to opportunities outside of their organization. To retain talent, employers should offer clear advancement pathways and meaningful programs.

Is Online College Better for Students with ADHD?

Students with ADHD know how difficult it can be to experience learning, organizational and social challenges at school. Luckily, many are finding that online college offers them the flexibility and learning options they need to succeed.

Top 7 Recession-Proof Careers

With recession woes looming, many students are wondering how to prepare for another economic downturn. It can be difficult to start a career during a recession, but knowing which jobs have better survival odds can help. Check out these recession-proof careers.

Fast-Tracking a Degree – a Student Success Story!

Years ago, Maegan made several attempts to complete her bachelor’s degree through traditional college; however, it never seemed to be the right fit. Learn how she found success as a student and discovered her career path!

Which Job Skills Will Survive the Future of Work?

By 2025, over half of all workplace tasks are projected to be carried out by machines. Many jobs will be lost, yet others will be created. In the transition, workplace talent demands will shift to new skills.

Managing PTSD as a Student

Going to college with PTSD can be a struggle, but many find ways to manage it and even learn new coping strategies along the way. For PTSD Awareness Month, we're discussing some of the effective treatments for students with PTSD.

Gen Z: More Likely to Go to College

Gen Z cares about higher education, but they seek it in terms of its value and relevance. This means that their educational choices vary from past generations, with a shift toward more practical majors.

Can the Traditional Resume Keep Up?

While a traditional resume may be good at presenting a candidate’s past, it may not be as good at reflecting their true abilities and talents. Resumes of the future will likely focus more on developing the story of the individual.

4 Reasons to Take Online Courses this Summer

During summer, you may be exposed to educational opportunities you wouldn't otherwise have the chance to experience. It's a great time to focus on pet projects and learn new things. Find out why summer courses are a great idea.

Interview with Mallory - a Student Success Story!

At traditional college, Mallory felt like a square peg being forced into a round hole. So how did she end up becoming a rockstar student working full-time and living her best life? Check out her interview!

Reskilling: Key to Business Survival

While most companies understand the need to reskill, they struggle with either not knowing how to identify their skills gap or how to launch an effective training program to address it. Learn how we do both.

5 Reasons College Students Dropout… and How We Help!

College is a big, multiyear committment that can be difficult for many to complete. We seek to understand the reasons why students left college and then offer them an alternative route to degree completion.

Why Choose Online College?

Over the last two decades, online learning has grown significantly in both work and education spaces, proving its value as an accessible, affordable way to gain new skills. Check out these four reasons why online college is a great choice.

Latest High School Trend: Dual Enrollment

More high school students are finding dual enrollment to be a great way to save time and money on their education while also improving their chances of succeeding in college and completing a degree.