4 Reasons to Take Online Courses this Summer

During summer, you may be exposed to educational opportunities you wouldn't otherwise have the chance to experience. It's a great time to focus on pet projects and learn new things. Find out why summer courses are a great idea.

Mallory's Job Helped Her with College... and Life!

At traditional college, Mallory felt like a square peg being forced into a round hole. So how did she end up becoming a rockstar student working full-time and living her best life? Check out her interview!

Reskilling: Key to Business Survival

While most companies understand the need to reskill, they struggle with either not knowing how to identify their skills gap or how to launch an effective training program to address it. Learn how we do both.

5 Reasons College Students Dropout… and How We Help

College is a big, multiyear committment that can be difficult for many to complete. We seek to understand the reasons why students left college and then offer them an alternative route to degree completion.

Why Choose Online College?

Over the last two decades, online learning has grown significantly in both work and education spaces, proving its value as an accessible, affordable way to gain new skills. Check out these four reasons why online college is a great choice.

Latest High School Trend: Dual Enrollment

More high school students are finding dual enrollment to be a great way to save time and money on their education while also improving their chances of succeeding in college and completing a degree.

How to Take Advantage of Your Employer's Education Benefits

Unable to gain a promotion without a college degree? The good news is your company may offer some sort of educational benefit. If so, taking advantage of it could be your best bet for gaining an affordable college degree.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Spotlight on Activists

To honor the 2022 International Women’s Day theme of “Break the Bias,” we’re celebrating three incredible women activists who have transformed our world and broken biases along the way. Check out their inspiring lives!

Don’t Let Social Media Take Your Joy

With the news getting crazier by the day, many are looking for ways to just stay calm and sane. Accomplishing this can be difficult, but studies have found that logging off of social media more often can be an important step.

Returning to College? 6 Tips for Busy Adults

Usually when working adults and parents consider going back to college to gain or finish a degree, they're faced with an important concern: Can I manage it all? Check out these six tips to help you succeed.

Meet the Outstanding e-Learning Student of the Year

Meet Webster Rose, a full-time Humana employee and associate degree graduate from our academic partner Pima Community College. Webster has gone above and beyond in his academic involvement and will be presented with the Outstanding e-Learning Student Award at this year’s ITC Annual Conference.

We Love Our Students, and They Share the Love Back!

We love finding the right educational path that works for each student’s specific goals, and then cheering them on throughout their entire learning journey. Check out what our students are saying and how they share the love back!

Artificial Intelligence Is Modernizing Workplace Learning

As automation threatens the future of many jobs, organizations are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) for analysis and predictions. This allows them to better address skill gaps and modernize workplace learning for the future of work.

Celebrating Black History Month: Spotlight on Scientists

We love to celebrate Black History Month by highlighting significant moments of diversity and inclusion throughout history. This February, we’re shining a spotlight on three scientists who deserve special recognition for their contributions to society.

Student Interview with a Millennial Working Mom

Meet Melissa! This busy millennial mom works full-time and is currently finishing a bachelor’s degree through Pearson Accelerated Pathways. We wanted to find out how she manages it all. Check out our interview with her!