Student Interview with a Millennial Working Mom

Meet Melissa! This busy millennial mom works full-time and is currently finishing a bachelor’s degree through Pearson Accelerated Pathways. We wanted to find out how she manages it all. Check out our interview with her!

Education Boosts Mental Health

Research shows that education can improve mental health by broadening your intellectual, social and emotional horizons. Attending school can expand your knowledge, help you meet new people, further your goals, improve your career and even help you build better coping mechanisms.

How Does Pearson Accelerated Pathways Work?

At Pearson Accelerated Pathways, we believe your college experience should empower you to pursue your goals, advance your career and live your life – not burden you with debt or chain you to a campus. How does it work? Check out these five easy steps!

Why Regional Accreditation Is Better

Plenty of institutions offer amazing deals for online courses that seem too good to be true. And some are. When choosing to spend time and money on your education, it’s important to know that you’re making a wise investment. Regional accreditation is the measure to seek.

Why You Should Earn a Degree While on Active Duty

While some serve in the military for their entire careers, most transition to civilian life, where a degree can strongly benefit their chances for success. Job applicants with both a college degree and military experience place themselves above the pack of candidates who have just one or the other.

In-House vs. Outsourced Training – Which Is Better?

One of the most important factors to consider in attempting to maximize and allocate a learning & development (L&D) budget is whether to train in-house vs. outsource. Check out these pros and cons of each skill development approach before you make a decision.

Education Benefits Are Becoming the Most Popular Workplace Perk

With skyrocketing college costs in the US, the popularity of employee education benefits has also grown. And while education perks aren’t new to benefits packages, the offerings are becoming more robust and increasingly targeted to a wider audience.

How to Help Employees Navigate Career Pathways

Employers who don’t offer clear advancement opportunities for workers, particularly in low-wage jobs, will find difficulty in hiring and retaining talent—not to mention in maintaining a happy staff and positive work culture. Check out these four best practices to help your workers navigate internal career pathways.

3 Secrets to Keeping Frontline Staff Happy

Frontline workers are the first point of contact for your customer. Their performance has a pivotal impact on your business. As such, there’s no question about the importance of keeping your frontline staff happy. Simply put, happy frontline workers make happy customers.

Benefits of Upskilling Frontline Workers

With increasing automation in the workplace, more remote working and higher demand for vocational skills, employers who invest in training and education will become better qualified to handle the future of work, which can yield higher earnings for both the individual and the organization.

Supportive Supervisors Are Needed Now More than Ever

We recently sponsored a study to identify successful approaches used by companies to support the advancement of under-represented frontline workers. Based on interviews and research of best-in-class employers, we found that a big portion of the answer lies in having supportive leadership.

What Can I Do with a Bachelor’s in Psychology?

While a Ph.D. can get you far in the mental health field, those with a B.A. or B.S. in psychology can still find excellent opportunities working in hospitals, schools, social service agencies and more. Check out these great career options for psychology majors right out of college!

What Jobs Can I Get with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Criminal justice can be a wonderful way to get a broad base of skills that could transfer into all sorts of careers. It’s a great choice if you are not 100% sure where your career will take you. Let's take a look at some of the job areas of expertise and their degree requirements.

How to Get Your College Transcripts

Ready to go back to college? Excellent decision! To find out how much of your prior college credit you can transfer, you’ll need to obtain your transcripts. But how? And what if it’s been years since your last college attendance? No worries! We’ll answer your questions and walk you through all the steps.

Which Business Major Should I Choose?

How do you choose a business major with so many options? Eyeing the job market is a good place to start, but your decision should also take into consideration your goals and preferences. We’ll help you narrow down your choice by looking at three motivating factors: Do you want to earn the most money, gain a sense of fulfillment or be your own boss?