Skill attainment, competency development and debt-free* college

Frontline workers who have been left off the pathway of educational attainment have unique needs that too often are not covered by existing tuition assistance programs. As a result, they often represent the highest levels of turnover in the organization.

Economists predict that by 2018, America will be three million college-educated workers short of demand. If employers don’t demand stronger talent and deeper skillsets from academic institutions, and if they fail to innovate in their own employee education programs, the skills “gap” will grow into a “cliff.”

The key to effective frontline worker education is to offer cost-free pathways. Otherwise, employees must make the difficult choice between incurring debt for the promise of education and advancement or remaining in their current positions with limited career potential. That tradeoff doesn’t just hold employees back, it damages the entire organization.

  •      Improved skill sets
  •      Higher earnings
  •      Greater job security
  •      Increased marketability
  •      Schedule flexibility
  •      Academic credibility
  •      Program accessibility
  •      Work/life balance